Eleven Pond

Bas Relief - 2024 Reissue

Image of Eleven Pond - Bas Relief - 2024 Reissue
Record Label
Dark Entries

About this item

The brilliant Dark Entries celebrates its 15th anniversary by going back to its roots and offering up a reissue of its inaugural release: New York collective Eleven Pond's 1986 classic, 'Bas Relief'. This mega-rare record has become a stone-cold cult classic album revered by dark pop devotees. It features James Tabbi, Jeff Gallea, Jack Schaeffer, and Dan Brumley on a mix of guitars, synths, vocoders and drum machines and is a sound inspired by seminal labels like 4AD and Factory Records, and moody acts like Joy Division and Fad Gadget. For this reissue, it has been remastered to correct previous reissue flaws and comes in a screen-printed jacket with a lyric sheet, postcards, and a bookmark. Only 500 copies have been pressed so don't sleep on this one.


Side 1
Tear & Cinnamon
Watching Trees
Days Hence

Side 2
Moving Nowhere
Changing Face
Ignorant Father

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