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Misterioso - 2024 Reissue

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Thelonious Monk's album "Misterioso" is a live recording capturing the essence of Monk's dynamic performances and innovative jazz style.

Released in 1958, the album was recorded at the Five Spot Cafe in New York City, a venue renowned for its intimate atmosphere and its role in the jazz scene of the 1950s. "Misterioso" is notable for its raw, live energy and the seamless interplay between the quartet members. Johnny Griffin's tenor saxophone work is particularly striking, adding a robust and fluid counterpoint to Monk's percussive piano playing. Griffin's solos on tracks like "Nutty" and "Blues Five Spot" showcase his virtuosic technique and ability to complement Monk's unconventional style. The rhythm section, with Ahmed Abdul-Malik on bass and Roy Haynes on drums, provides a solid yet flexible foundation, allowing Monk and Griffin the freedom to explore and interact creatively. Haynes' drumming, in particular, is a highlight, known for its crispness and inventive rhythms that propel the music forward.

The album has been praised for its innovative approach to jazz composition and performance, influencing countless musicians and listeners: it remains a testament to Monk's ability to push the boundaries of jazz while staying deeply rooted in its traditions.


Blues Five Spot
Let’s Cool One
In Walked Bud
Just A Gigolo

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