Città Futura

Image of Bassolino - Città Futura
Record Label
Serie Pegaso

About this item

For the fourth Serie Pegaso release, Periodica invites the listener on an escapist adventure through the ‘Citta’ Futura’ of Bassolino. With arrangements assisted by Paolo Petrella and a host of contributing musicians joining along, the album presents a paradise of sun-seared fusion colorations…horns skronking and six strings riffing over latin dance rhythms, liquid keys and cosmic leads setting the air aflame, and filmic guitar themes riding across epic deserts as spaghetti western belles sing romantic tales amidst flute and piano. It’s a sonic world of texture, mood, and cinematic magic, where midnite funk grooves transition into sorcerous prog rock melodrama, and where symphonic soul themes sing out over galactic percolations and kinetic disco jamming. It's full of Italian spirit and sophistication throughout and is the perfect tonic to take you away into paradise mode. 


A1. Napoli Visionaria
A2. 'E Parole
A3. Oro Di Miele

B2. Città Futura
B3. Fuga Finale

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