Flores Para Verene/Cantos Para Carmina

Image of Tomin - Flores Para Verene/Cantos Para Carmina

About this item

Tomin is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, bioinformatician, and poet from Brooklyn, New York. His primary instruments are the flute, trumpet and alto clarinet, and he participates in the creative music scene as a performer, improvisor, composer and fan. Outside of music, he works in computational genetics, with a focus on oncology.

Flores para Caramina y Verene compiles recordings that he self-released across 2020 and 2021.


1. Father And Son
2. Come Sunday, Bass
3. The Inflated Tear, V1
4. Fire Waltz
5. Desert Fairy Princess
6. Fables Of Faubus
7. Aquarius
8. Warm Canto
9. The Inflated Tear, V2
10. Come Sunday, Soprano
11. Assunta
12. Father And Son
13. Spirits Rejoice, Var 1
14. Ogún Bárá
15. Angela’s Angel
16. Naima
17. The Prayer
!8. Rahsaan Is Beautiful
19. A Walk With Thee
20. Humility In The Light Of The Creator
21. Love
22. Life
23. Love (Alternate Take)
24. Life Revisited

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