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Moshi Moshi

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Chinese American Bear is a C-pop duo, currently based in Seattle, who create eclectic bilingual (English/Chinese) ear candy. Composed of married couple Bryce Barsten and Anne Tong, the pair make music that blends Chinese mando-pop and the Western indie pop canon, writing songs that flit between English and Mandarin, capturing a spirit of cross-cultural joy and longing, that is often poignant while never losing its sense of fun.


1. Kids Go Down (孩 ŭ�们的时光)
2. Magic Number (魔 Ƴ�数字)
3. Yummy Yummy Yummy (好吃好吃)
4. Feelin' Fuzzy (毛绒绒的感觉)
5. Love You (爱你)
6. Heartbreaker (伤心情歌)

1. Pink Strawberries (粉红草莓)
2. Bear Day (熊的日 ŭ�)
3. Float On Baby (宝 ȴ�_随风摇摆)
4. Weekend In Chinatown (唐人 ȡ�周末)
5. Take Me To Beijing (一起回北 ĺ�)

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