Liela Moss

Transparent Eyeball

Image of Liela Moss - Transparent Eyeball
Record Label
Mother Figure

About this item

'Transparent Eyeball' marks a new era for Liela as she advances into a more daring sonic direction. Working with production duo IYEARA (Mark Lanegan), Liela has created a dramatic, menacing sound characterised firstly by the ominous ‘Reward’ and, now, the atmospheric 'Conditional Love'. Spacey, glitchy and breathtakingly stylish, Conditional Love’s slick production combined with Liela’s powerful vocal, provide a glimpse of what can be expected on the record.


1. Prism
2. Dark Kitchens
3. Conditional Love
4. Reward
5. Something I Left Behind
6. Blue
7. Sticky
8. Freedom Likes Goodbyes
9. Real Future Begins
10. Superior

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