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Puppet Show

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Submarine Cat

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She’s In Parties are a hazy and ethereal quartet whose own idiosyncratic amalgamation of shoegaze and dream-pop belies their relatively young years.

This EP is the band's most politically driven body music yet. “It’s a timeless topic, people have always and will always sing about injustices, often though, people want an escape and sing about things like love because sometimes that’s easier than telling the truth.” Katie says, “I’m certainly not a political person and would opt for escapism in music, but sometimes there are things that happen in our society or on social media that you just can’t avoid. They’ve been plaguing my mind especially, so I’ve been writing about this stuff a lot more and it has now become a prevalent theme in this next EP”

'Puppet Show' sees the band in their most lyrically mature state yet. It tackles post coming of age worries and the existential realisation of the world’s issues from social media, to wars, and personal anxieties of feeling helpless to it all.


1. Puppet Show
2. The Man
3. The Times
4. FSM
5. Ballad Of The Broken Nebula

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