Sad Girl

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TSHA returns to Ninja Tune with her eclectic sophomore album 'Sad Girl'. Her most danceable work to date, 'Sad Girl' sees TSHA explore genres, finding joy in hedonism and escapism whilst also addressing difficult feelings and revelling in the sadness. Featuring a host of talented artists including Dan Whitlam, Caroline Byrne, Rose Gray, Master Peace and more, TSHA also lends her own vocal talents to 'Sad Girl'. 


1. Sad Girl (feat. Dan Whitlam)
2. Girls (feat. Rose Gray)
3. In The Night
4. Can’t Dance (feat. Master Peace)
5. Green
6. Sweet Devotion (feat. Caroline Byrne)
7. Lonely Girl
8. In Bloom (feat. Abi Flynn)
9. Azaleas (feat. Ingrid Witt)
10. Take
11. Drive (feat. Ingrid Witt)
12. Fight

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