Dorothy Carter

Troubadour - 2024 Reissue

Image of Dorothy Carter - Troubadour - 2024 Reissue
Record Label
Drag City

About this item

The first official reissue of Dorothy Carter’s folk-music exegesis comes 46 years after its original release, 20 years after Dorothy passed, and 11 years before the centennial of her birth. Yet it seems right on time for a new celebration of her music. Appalachian folk tunes, old and ancient psalms and hymns, Scottish, Irish, French and Israeli melodies, and original tunes flow together effortlessly in hypnotic garden of eternal world musics.


1. Troubadour Song
2. Binnorie
3. Troubadour Songs On The Psaltery
4. Make A Joyful Sound
5. Lark In The Morning
6. Balinderry
7. Tree Of Life
8. Visiting Song
9. The King Of Glory
10. The Morning Star
11. Ukrainian Carol
12. The Cuckoo
13. Masquerade
14. Shirt Of Lace

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