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Exidy Tours - 2024 Reissue

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'Originally released on Firstcask Records in 2003. A selection of my styles and ideas at the time, ranging from drum n bass, ambient, acid etc etc'

Part of the (Piccadilly Records-coined) 'Cornish Acid' tribe - Ceefax, alongside brother Squarepusher, Luke Vibert and Aphex Twin would define a period of UK electronica and in doing so become globally celebrated pioneers and innovators. With a discography that ranges from 8-bit jungle to technicoloured acid house tapestries, Ceefax's legacy is both fun and inventive; somehow remaining tongue-in-cheek as he delivers meticulously programmed tracks rich in advanced synthesis and sound design. Much like the luminaries mentioned above, you instantly know when its a Ceefax production; as keenly demonstrated on this killer reissue from 2003. Just a snapshot of the producer's extensive catalogue in nonetheless serves to highlight just how innovative the producer was, and still is over many decades of music. A national treasure! 


Matt says: A highlight of Andrew Jenkinson's catalogue, with plenty of styles and moods explored across its vast tracklist. The traits and tropes that could go on to categorize this legendary producer are all apparent at various points throughout - from the bit crushed percussion, hyperactive drum programming, daft melodies and dreamy lashings of 303. A high watermark of the Cornish Acid genre.


01 Plusion
02 Exidy
03 Camelot Jostle
04 Rolls Royce
05 Cop 76
06 Nordic House
07 Hull Drum And Bass
08 Trolley Service
09 Vladijenk
10 Northern Spirit
11 Moor
12 City Collars
13 Baddow Life
14 Essex Remblance
15 Abbaye

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