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In a testament to Ireland’s vibrant musical history, Allchival presents an anthology celebrating the disco era’s hidden gems from Stuart Bingham's Sunshine. Culled from the annals of their studio recordings, this collection shines a light on the country’s lesser-known contributions to the global disco phenomenon.

Kicking off the compilation with Sunshine's electrifying "Boogie on Up," a testament to the band's prowess in embracing disco rhythms despite their pop cover origins. Produced by the acclaimed Paul Curtis, the track embodies the infectious spirit of disco, marking a pivotal moment for Irish disco hits. Accompanying it is "Don't Stop Me," radiating with Euro-disco vibes, further exemplifying Sunshine's versatility. Bingham recounts the bittersweet journey of "If This Is Free." Initially slated for success under Curtis's wing, the disco era's abrupt demise altered its trajectory, leading to an independent recording that retains a raw, garagey edge reminiscent of the era's ethos.

"Give It To Me" is another standout, blending Nile Rodgers-inspired arrangements with a Euro-disco flair. Stuart Bingham's production prowess and Rosey's captivating vocals converge to create an irresistible groove that transcends disco conventions.

Venturing into more experimental territory, "The Boogie Bug" showcases some Irish ingenuity in rap-infused grooves. Despite its ahead-of-its-time sound, the track faced resistance in a disco-weary landscape and rounding out the compilation is "Oh Gee, I Got U B.B.," a playful nod to dub-mix traditions.

This Sunshine anthology is a journey through Ireland's disco era, unearthing forgotten gems and shedding light on the country's rich musical tapestry. From Sunshine's infectious rhythms to Stuart Bingham's resilient spirit, each track encapsulates the era's vibrancy and innovation.


Oh Gee I Got U Bb 
If This Is Free I Dont Wanna Be 
Dont Stop Me
Give It To Me 
Boogie On Up 
The Boogie Bug 

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