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New album from UR's DJ Dex! "Shards" remembers the future of techno beginning with restlessness and urgency. A time where disco, funk, hip-hop and electro rocked hood parties via boomboxes, DIY recordings and sound systems. Our culture has since been shattered into shards that must be reconstructed, reshaped, remixed and reconnected. The A-side launches with the broken techno of “Somos Cosmos” then onto the hi-tech funk of “Antivenom” and “Volcanismo” followed by the b-boy breaks of “Radiotron”. The B-side explores UR inspired electro on “Disconnected” and “Electroreceptor” followed by dark and moody “Hyper Cypher” and “Tlalocan”. Nobody does it like UR does it! 


Matt says: Recent Underground Resistance signing Nomadico continue to beguile and dazzle in his crosspollination of Detroitian and Latino mindsets.


A1. Somos Cosmos
A2. Antivenom
A3. Volcanismo
A4. Radiotron
B1. Disconnected
B2. Electrorecepetor
B3. Hyper Cypher
B4. Tlalocan

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