Montel Palmer

Love Getaway

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South Of North

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It got away! The hounds are back on the leash for another session, as Montel makes a bid for better days with this all-out charm offensive of serenades, blissed up patter and emotional blackmail, Palmer-style.

The result is 12 tracks steeped in mind games, romance power plays and neurotoxin rollercoasters, with additional bonus strategies to dissociate with minimum dignity.
Big up Kiwi’s Kiosk..

Seriously wacked-out musica! RIYL: Dean Blunt / Hype Williams, James Ferraro, Sun Araw, Michael J Blood, Durutii Column. 


Matt says: A truly singular piece of outsider electronica and druggy downbeat that should appeal to fans of Relaxin Records (Lolina, Inga Copeland etc) and the aforementioned Dean Blunt / Michael J Blood axis. Truly breathtaking mutant musicia!


Love Getaway
Just What You Do
Get Into It
Talk To Me
Cant Walk Straight
Time To Get Up
Told You Not To
Mermaid Wolf Whistle
Western Break Apple Turnover
Questions Looking For Solutions
Tears Of Pure Joy

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