Music By Cavelight - 20th Anniversary Edition

Image of Blockhead - Music By Cavelight - 20th Anniversary Edition
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Ninja Tune

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Music by Cavelight is the first solo studio album by American hip hop producer Blockhead. It was originally released on Ninja Tune in 2004. An album of sample-heavy collages, the music ranges from Kid Koala-like humuor ('Intro: Hello Popartz') to more moody soundscapes ('You’ve Got Maelstrom' or the martial 'Sunday Séance'). Blockhead carefully merges tonal qualities, like the sad strings and funk bass of 'Carnivores Unite' or the outer-space zither of 'Jet Son'.This version includes bonus Aesop RockInstrumentals, plus previously unreleased Lost Files ‘99-’03.


1. Hello Popartz
2. You've Got Maelstrom
3. Carnivores Unite
4. Insomniac Olympics
5. Sunday Seance
6. A Better Place
7. Road Rage Breakdown
8. Triptych Pt. 1
9. Triptych Pt. 2
10. Jet Son
11. Jet Son
12. Music By Cavelight
13. Breath And Start
14. Bullfight In Ireland
15. Beef & Brocs
16. Uplifting Corn
17. Need A Tissue
18. Okay Alright
19. Dead Or Alive
20. Checkers
21. Marvelous
22. Graveyard Hunt
23. Another Time
24. Dreamtime
25. Organic Beef
26. Spy Games
27. Bloop Bloop
28. Happy Baby
29. P's Joint
30. Space Disco
31. Summertime
32. Hawkeye
33. Sing Along

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