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Wah Wah 45s

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On the label from Ghanaian vocalist and djembe drummer Afla Sackey with his band Afrik Bawantu, he has fulfilled the dream of blending traditional Ghanaian music with sizzling Afrobeat grooves, topping it off with anirresistibly funky twist! Their unique blend of vibrant African rhythms with brisk, animatedhorn sections and heavy bass-lines bring a fresh perspective to the Afrobeat genre.

Destination provides a much needed moment of positivity in these turbulent times, as Afla himself explains:

"With focus, determination, hard work, patience, ambition and dignity - even though the journey Is long and tough, with these qualities, we will arrive at our destination successfully!"

The album is full to the brim with such life affirming messages, such as in the trackTogetherness, encouraging us to put aside our differences and unite as one…

"We have to start looking beyond colour, race, gender and religion to work together with love and unity to create peace and heal the world for the next generation to come."

As well as the celebratoryShake Your Booty, which encourages listeners to come together and party like there is no tomorrow.

"Forget about your stress, your worries and have a great time. Feel free, engage with everyone and dance till you drop as life is too short. So have fun while you can."

The first single to be released from the album,It's Not Easy, which concerns itself not only with the trials and tribulations of life but also how we learn by living the day-to-day, also talks about a theme that runs throughout the album - the idea of travelling the globe to broaden our horizons and help us understand how other people live their lives.

The follow up single,Mofeemo Ke Eno, talks about jealousy, but again from a positive viewpoint, as Afla explains:

"Every human being came to this world with their different destinies. So never want to be someone else, as their destiny is different from yours and never get jealous about someone's progress as tomorrow will be your turn."

Similarly,Mind Your Business talks about just that - staying in your lane and concentrating on your own concerns and ambitions, and Be Careful stresses that every action has a reaction….

"With the action you take in life, as most times, the repercussions will not affect you only but your loved ones as well."

Finally, Sane Ye (There Is Trouble) looks at the bigger picture of wars and global crises, yet once again Afla brings these issues back to the self…

"We have to look at ourselves and find out where we have gone wrong to be able to fix these issues affecting us as humans."


Barry says: A blazing selection of frenetic West African rhythms and funky horns, with flickering guitar and snappy percussive paddling. It's a brilliantly inventive fusion of the traditional forms with Sackey's celebratory vocals on top.


1. Togetherness
2. Mind Your Business
3. Be Careful
4. Sane Ye
5. Destination
6. Shake Da Booty
7. It's Not Easy
8. Mofeemo Ke Eno

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