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Sun Dogs

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Wah Wah 45s

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With their expansive arrangements and complex harmonies, you can hear the spiritual jazz influences of Lonnie Liston Smith and Pharaoh Sanders on the two opening tracks, Destroy Create Part 1 and Rain Will Come. These are followed by the Ethio-jazz leaning Staring at the Sun, with its pounding baritone sax chorus and ethereal vocals. Next up is the stripped back psyche soul of Family, the album's first single, with a haunting performance from Ellen Beth Abdi. Parhelion calls to mind Headhunters-era Herbie, with its off kilter jazz-fusion vibe, and is followed by the bittersweet Give Back My Love, which comes across like Stereolab and Everything But The Girl meets Rotary Connection. Penultimate song Destroy Create Part 2 leads us into broken-beat territory, and finally, with its pulsing bass line, layered vocal harmonies and crescendos, the closing track, Daylight, is an optimistic future anthem, bringing to mind the work of Charles Stepney, the Mizell Brothers and James Mason.

Sun Dogs was recorded between 2022 and 2023 with a core band of Jamie Finlay working with keyboardist, arranger and producer Matt Steele, drummer Erroll Rollins and singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ellen Beth Abdi (A Certain Ratio), who appears across the album, and features on its three singles. The album features collaborations with singer, producer and saxophonist Caitlin LM, Kemani Anderson of Secret Night Gang and supporting musicians Bryan Corbett (trumpet/flute), Chris Bowden (saxophones), Hannah McGuigain (vocals), Dan Carpenter (trumpet) and Atholl Ransome (saxophones). The album was mixed by Jamie Finlay together with engineer Phil Kirby (Mr. Scruff, 808 State).


1. Destroy Create (Part I) [feat. Kemani Anderson]
2. Rain Will Come
3. Staring At The Sun (feat. Caitlin LM)
4. Family (feat. Ellen Beth Abdi)
5. Parhelion
6. Give Back My Love (feat. Ellen Beth Abdi)
7. Destroy Create (Part II) [feat. Kemani Anderson & Ellen Beth Abdi]
8. Daylight (feat. Ellen Beth Abdi)

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