Margo Guryan

Take A Picture - 2024 Reissue

Image of Margo Guryan - Take A Picture - 2024 Reissue

About this item

'Take A Picture' is Margo Guryan’s one and done classic - one of record collecting’s real unheralded masterpieces - bright, breezy, lightly psychedelic, and utterly cosmopolitan, recorded in New York City no less. Newly restored by Jessica Thompson from the original two-track safety masters, this beguilingly melodic 1968 pop tour-de-force has never sounded better.


1. Sunday Mornin’
2. Sun
3. Love Songs
4. Thoughts
5. Don’t Go Away
6. Take A Picture
7. What Can I Give You
8. Think Of Rain
9. Can You Tell
10. Someone I Know
11. Love

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