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Faux Ever

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City Slang

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Faux Real’s long-awaited debut album 'Faux Ever' is a self-described “11-piece-symphony for head-banging and longing,” the album sees the fraternal duo continuing to play on the outskirts of language and sound, exploring themes of heartbreak, labor, and the home with harmonies and humor, playful beats, and en franglais. Recorded between Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Provence, 'Faux Ever' thrusts Faux Real’s sultry, surreal, and unclassifiable sound towards a glossier pop horizon, an existential sonic pastiche with a glistening digital sheen.


1. Faux Maux
2. Rent Free
3. Sketches Of Pain
4. Love On The Ground
5. The More I Know
6. 99 Ghosts
7. Walking Away From My Demons
8. Hi Tension
9. Workhorse
10. Full Circle
11. Scratch

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