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Nonpareils, aka Aaron Hemphill, presents his second studio album, 'Rhetoric & Terror', released via Mute.

The album follows 2018’s 'Scented Pictures', and finds the Berlin-based artist - previously known as co-founder and co-songwriter of Liars - compelled to write more structured music, with specific parts and intentions that allude to visual imagery and emotional states. No stranger to reinventing his approach towards composition, 'Rhetoric & Terror' feels like we are, perhaps for the first time, opening a doorway into Hemphill’s personal life, as well as his disparate sonic influences, wide-ranging journeys through philosophy, and through that, find him reflecting on his own role as an artist.

The album features his wife Angelika Kaswalder on vocals throughout, plus multi-instrumentalist Morgan Henderson (a longtime friend since Henderson’s time in the post-hardcore band The Blood Brothers) adding woodwinds and additional arrangement on 'Unscripting With The Snake And The Swan'.

'Rhetoric & Terror', despite its intimidating name, is welcoming and playful, even during its most intense moments.


1. Opening Chord
2. Unscripting With The Snake And The Swan
3. Figures Of Speech
4. Flowers Like The Rain
5. Six Six Seven (Monsieur Faux Pas)
6. Bring It On
7. The Broken Mirror Shaped Like A Day
8. Predictable Pan (Theme From A Book Of Perfectly Drawn Lines)
9. Strawberry Hill

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