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This one features a reissue of Atypic's (Andy Turner / Black Dog / Plaid) - "Otaku". Originally released as part of a Black Dog Productions 12" on Rising High in 1993 and now goes for a crazy price on Discogs.

The B-side is a reissue of Anaconda's - "Ideas For Virtual Reality", a Swiss acidic ambient gem which was on 1993's "Oral X-Pression" 12" on Basic Energy. 

Indulge in a delicious audiophile preview with this appetizer 12" from the upcoming 2024 compilation by Swiss DJ Princess P. This musical amuse-bouche offers a taste of her eclectic sound, in anticipation of her full, richly curated collection.

Swiss DJ Princess P, known for her eclectic sound, has been a dynamic presence in the electronic scene since the 90s. From her early days exploring house music to working at Plattfon Records, she's honed a genre-defying style. Her sets, a blend of savory house with indie and techno, are renowned at clubs and festivals alike, showcasing her deep musical knowledge and innovative spirit.


Matt says: One holy grail slice of Black Dog produced UK techno and a piece of Swiss ambience that'll stop you dead in your tracks. Ridiculously strong double headed reissue - don't sleep even you've a penchant for electronic emotion!


A. Atypic (Black Dog Productions) - Otaku
B. Anaconda - Ideas For Virtual Reality 

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