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Delaware - 2024 Reissue

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Delaware is the debut album by American band Drop Nineteens from Boston, which they released in 1992. The band consisted of Greg Ackell (vocals, guitar) and Chris Roof (drums), Paula Kelley (vocals, guitar), Motohiro Yasue (guitar) and Steve Zimmerman (bass). The album spawned two singles, "Winona" and "My Aquarium", of which the first gained airplay on the MTV music channel. UK magazine NME branded the band in the growing shoegaze scene and the band played in London consistently, even opening for Radiohead and The Cranberries. The band was active for only five years and released a total of two albums and a couple of EPs, before reuniting in 2023.


Side A
1. Delaware
2. Ease It Halen
3. Winona
4. Kick The Tragedy

Side B
1. Baby Wonder's Gone
2. Happen
3. Reberrymemberer
4. Angel
5. My Aquarium
6. (Plus Fish Dream)

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