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Favorite Recordings comes back with the 2nd edition of its compilation series: "Fusion Global Sounds". 8 rare and hidden tracks produced between 1976 and 1984 in various parts of the world. As a fine collector of jazz-funk and fusion for many years, Charles Maurice has cooked up another fine selection of forgotten fusion jazz productions, this time driven by a common Brazilian influence.

On this 2nd edition, recordings come from Brazil, Philippines, Netherlands, Poland, and US, all again from underrated artists mostly unknown from the masses. You'll find here the best elements of the fusion genre: fine vocal arrangements, catchy Fender Rhodes and synthesizers, irresistible basslines, and classy horns section, altogether bringing a unique groove infused with Brazilian flavors.

The compilation starts with Lerma dela Cruz, a quite occult songstress from Philippines. "Free" was part of a very rare compilation titled "Tropical Jazz Fusion", released in 1983 on A&W Horizon label (also home of Boy Katindig). With its blowing samba / jazz-funk vibes, it was an obvious match to open this collection. The following song could only enhance this ambience, Nivaldo Ornelas presens one of 2 titles taken from his album "A Tarde" (1983). On "Cactus", Nivaldo is supported on keyboards by his friend Marcos Resende, both also known for their album on the MPBC series released by Phonogram-Polygram between 1978 and 1981, which has clearly been an inspiration for Charles Maurice in building this second edition.

We could continue telling stories and details about the others great tracks included in "Fusion Global Sounds Vol.2", but we believe that the best way is to listen to it and pursue your trip through fusion jazz combined with Brazilian styles, including surprising stopover in Poland, or Netherlands.


Lerma Dela Cruz - Free
Nivaldo Ornelas - Cactus
Krystyna Prońko - Oto Przyczyna
Bobby Martinez - Pendulum
Tom Grant - Mystified
Nivaldo Ornelas - Los Angeles
Carlos Mendes - Oamoréomar
Dana Kaproff - Brownstones

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