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It's Time - 2023 Reissue

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Max Roach came out of the bebop era but was at the forefront of jazz into the 1990s. On It's Time, he takes again the Civil Rights themes of his previous album, Percussion Bitter Sweet, and applies a choir to them, giving his musical and political thrust an almost godly urgency. Here, the musical and the political are impossible to separate and Roach uses these voices to provoke and discomfort us.

The orchestra and chorus were arranged and conducted by composer Coleridge- Taylor Perkinson, and renowned singer Abbey Lincoln is featured on the closing composition, 'Lonesome Lover.' All the compositions are by Max Roach.


1. It's Time
2. Another Valley
3. Sunday Afternoon
4. Living Room
5. The Profit 
6. Lonesome Lover

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