Viemos De Longe / Visita Noturna

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Collignon is a three-piece band with Yves Lennertz on guitar (and bass), Gino Bombrini on drums (and percussion) and Jori Collignon on the keyboards (and taking care of the production). The three friends have been making music together for some time, collaborating in different groups and settings, Jori and Gino as part of the band SKIP&DIE, Gino as a producer for Yves’ former group, YĪN YĪN.

After a decade of touring the world, Jori settled in the quiet and dusty village of Lagoinha, Portugal, where he built a studio complete with a guesthouse, a small piece of land, and a few chickens. From here, Jori worked with a global range of artists from La Reunion, Colombia, Argentina, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guiné-Bissau, and beyond. All these experiences led to the creation of his first album, suitably named ‘Lagoinha’.

Shortly after its release, Gino and Jori jumped on the tourbus again, and later, Yves joined them to complete the band. They initially started developing new material live on stage, allowing for improvisation and exploration. After finalizing these new songs in the studio, the result is an explosive and high-energy mix of sounds that has surprised audiences all over Europe during the past summer.

‘Viemos de Longe’ is high-energy, Funana-inspired groove featuring Gino's distinctive style of simultaneously playing the drums with his right hand and the congas with his left. Cape Verdian themes mix with Yves Thai phin solo, in a psychedelic dubby spring-verbed tape-delayed production. 'Visita Noturna’ is a bass-heavy track and a bit of a fight with pitch. When performed live it can feel like trying to tame a wild horse on stage.


1. Viemos De Longe
2. Visita Noturna

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