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Messages From The Mothership

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10th Album by cult band Sun Dial. Sun Dial is the vehicle of guitarist and singer Gary Ramon, who started recording in the eighties as The Modern Art. He changed the name to Sun Dial when forming his live band in 1990. The new album takes it's inspiration from Gary catching sight of a UFO in desolate marshland at the age of fourteen.

There are elements of Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Hawkwind, but the album has all the elements of Sun Dial's 'Other Way Out' and those in the know are calling it their best work since then.

After Sulatron released some Krautrock influenced albums by Sun Dial (and the spaced out Quad album, Gary's old sideproject) it's back to guitar-psych and the tracks have Gary's unmistakable vocal and guitar work interspersed with hammond, mellotron and various rare keyboards.

Side One has well crafted, shorter tracks while side two leans more to the Progressive and Krautrock, culminating in possibly Gary's best ever guitar work on the finale, 'Saucer Noise'. His astonishingly intricate soloing sounds like a man possessed by an otherworldly force.

'Messages From The Mothership' is a focused but Out-There album which will please Sun Dial fans and surely win them a generation of new followers.


Echoes All Around
New Day
Living For Today
Burning Bright
Look Up To The Skies
Edge Of Light
Messages From The Mothership
Saucer Noise

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