Orgasmo Sonore

Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night

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Farfalla Records

About this item

Frank Rideau's Orgasmo Sonore project has been exploring the golden era of library / soundtrack / giallo for some time; namely on the label Cineploit label (his "Revisiting Obscure Library Music Pop Sensation" a particular highlight). Here we have a new double-headed 7" from the artist for the Farfalla label. Both original compositions, "Pop Sensation" sees a groovy and sensual rhythm for a laid back evening with spring reverb Fender guitar and space echo Moog as featured guests.

"Sounds In The Night" conjures up images of walking at night into the city after the rain when every sound seems to reverberate on the wet concrete. Modulating guitar over ambient dark jazz and noir moods its leading notes. 

An artist who relentlessly champions the virtues of library music and offers real, honest interpretations of some of the finest examples in the genre. Essential for fans of Ennio Morricone and the soft palettes of 60s and 70s cinema. 


Matt says: Get to know Frank Rideau! A modern library music aficionado and wizard; championing the virtues of the genre as well as adding his own additions to its canon. Rightly regarded as an incredible musician and producer, he manages to make his music (produced in a humble, home studio setting) sound as if it was made in the majestic multitrack studios of yesteryear.


A. Pop Sensation
B. Sounds In The Night

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