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Keep Rollin' EP

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Field Of Dreams

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Field Of Dreams are back with a stunning new EP that begins with the Detroit-via-Chicago mechanics of "Into The Sun", swaggers through the acid-flecked, proto-house of "Keep Rollin'" and into the holographic tech of "Mind Over Matter"; concluding with a nagging, hardware-driven warehouse tickler, "Into The Night". It a peak experience for house purists and new club converts alike. Recommended! 


Written and produced by Chris Kentish & Al Mackenzie
Additional vocals by Al Mackenzie
Artwork by Chris Kentish


Matt says: The kinda understated yet completely classy record that finds its way permanently into your record box. Techy, slinky, high voltage dance music to get you lost in the smoke and strobes.


1. Into The Sun
2. Keep Rollin'
3. Mind Over Matter
4. Into The Night

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