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New Life EP

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Toy Tonics

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Toy Tonics welcome one of the US’ absolute legends in the game on their roster - Kai Alcé! One of the original masters of jazzy house, Kai is a prime example, someone who witnessed the genesis of Detroit’s electronic musical landscape and strives to keep that spirit alive. Being of Haitian descent laid the foundation for his musical ear starting with his childhood in Queens, New York. Some of his earliest musical influences included his mother’s penchant for soca music and the distinct Caribbean rhythms of his culture. An appreciation of jazz would be further guided by his father’s expanding audiophile home system. During the 1970s the kindling of hip-hop and the heyday of disco perked the ear of a young Kai while they were living in NYC. The Big Apple would remain a constant throughout his musical journey as the years went on, but it was the move to Michigan that ultimately shaped his artistic vision.

On this 5 track EP Kai once again makes it all feel so easy! Deeply musical, yet also instantly effective on the dancefloor, tracks like "New Life Livin" and "Slide It In" come with an ease that shows why he’s shaped the game for decades.


Matt says: Toy Tonics continues its unrelenting dominance of new disco and deep house with the utter legend that is Kai Alce signing five tracks for the label. Silky smooth with an impeccably constructed palette, these are high end, late night burners that'll transport you to basements, a red light and a feeling!


A1. Slide It In
A2. Space Skat N Dat
B1. New Life Livin
B2. Rough Sands
B3. Strollin Thru Barcelona

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