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Sometimes / If I Die

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Melody As Truth

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"Sometimes / If I Die" are two songs that have been key parts of the Suzanne Kraft live shows for the last year. The only songs in the set list not taken from the 2021 album "About You", it felt natural to give them the full release that they deserve. Both tracks carry the hallmarks of SK’s recent work; hazy guitars, horizontally-inclined vocals and fuzzy 4-track pop sensibilities. 

"Sometimes" was written in the wake of wrapping up "About You" and served as a pole star for future exploration. A song of brotherly love, it simply describes a late evening at a friend’s house talking, drinking, laughing, sharing stories. "If I Die" is a song originally written and recorded by close friend Alejandro Cohen and his band Languis. About the song, SK says, 'Ale played a pivotal role in my musical upbringing since meeting him in my late teens. When the time came to play shows and tour I wanted to honour the influence Ale had on me by bringing one of his most beautiful songs along with me.'

Limited edition of 300 with colour printed insert designed by Steele Bonus


Matt says: Suzanne Kraft is part of the Melody As Truth inner circle. Occasionally collaborating with label head Jonny Nash and releasing 2015's epic "Talk From Home" LP. Here (real name) Diego Herrera takes cues from Dinosaur Jr. and Sarah Records for a more guitar driven, indie-centric moment that should appeal to fans of our Horsebeach.


If I Die

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