Youandewan & Velvet Velour

The Brane 002

Image of Youandewan & Velvet Velour - The Brane 002
Record Label
The Brane

About this item

The Brane is resurrected with 4 killer club tracks from Velvet Velour & Youandewan. Confidently cantering across the tech-house fairway, every joint is carefully crafted to keep those hips rotating and those fists pumping steadily into early morning. The pair's grasp of bass and rhythm is phenominal throughout, with intricate, mesmerizing grooves set within the traditional 4/4 template. Their drum sounds are rich and textures whilst the delicate use of echo-laden female vox and suchlike gives the tracks an ethereal and hypnotic charm that ensure they get plenty of extended rotation throughout the summer and well into the autumn. Recommended!


A1. Youandewan - Cheap Lust
A2. Youandewan - On A Hired Sofa
B1. Velvet Velour - OK
B2. Velvet Velour - I Need Juice

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