Alex From Utopia

Story Of Devotion

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Baldini Records is a brand new edit-centric imprint out of Naples inspired, you might guess correctly, by the legendary DJ, producer and cosmic house innovator Alessandro Baldini. It kicks off with two disco versions that he would surely be happy to reach for. They come from Alex From Utopia - he is a party impresario and a so-called DJ's DJ. Both of these have already been getting plenty of high-profile plays from the likes of Lovefingers, Jonny Rock and Ivan Smagge. 'Story Of Devotion' has a proto-deep house feel to it with nice analogue drums and a silky vocal, while 'Ask Ives' is slower and more psyched out.


Mine says: Delicious cosmic double header on this first Baldini release. Big tip!


Story Of Devotion
Ask Ives

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