Artifact 19

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Bottin brings us this juicy Artifact 4-tracker in super-limited-quantities. "Dulce De Luna" is an acid disco weapon with some sabor latino. "Volver Al Campo" is a psychedelic cosmic ritual chant (sounds like Adriano Celentano maxi-dosing mushrooms in the Italian countryside). "El Caballero Oscuro" serves as the main theme from John Carpenter's space-horror flick shot in the extraterrestrial jungle (only he didn't make that movie, yet) - Finally, we get a slab of low-hip high-energy madness for hardcore Italo heads (those who want the hypnotic synth machinery, not the demented vocals) - get this quick before the usual discogs price bump.


Dulce De Luna
Volver Al Campo
El Caballero Oscuro
Alta Energia

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