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Acido founder Andreas Krumm aka Dynamo Dreesen and Robotron team up for a three track triumph of trippy house tipples for leading lysergia label SUED.

Slowly cementing itself as a cult label for sonic psychonauts, it's deliciously leftfield output moves between the tribal, tropical and out and out space cadet shit with its own unique flair and style - often remoulding organic sounds into new life forms and maximizing the impact of minimalist elements.

Here, Dynatron capture rhythmic tuned percussion, evocative bass pumps and a constantly elevating mindset to transport us into heady realms of deep psychedelia. "Sama Shuffle" has a bassline to groove to, while the flutter perx and arps add to that swirly, head-in-the-clouds abandon. "Pirates" and "Kosmokraut" plunge further down the rabbit hole, flanging atmosphere, fractal hallucinations and slowly unfurling arrangements slowly aligning out chakras ready for space flight. Another winner from Stefan Wust and Sven Rieger's impeccably curated label. Recommended. 


Matt says: Leading psychedelic dance imprint SUED continues to provide the vibes for your next trip with producers Dynamo Dreesen and Robotron unpacking the sounds of the 5th dimension into our tuned-in headspaces.


A1.Samba Shuffle
A2. Pirates
B. Kosmokraut

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