Never Gonna Give You Up

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Isle Of Jura

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Two lost disco classics appearing for the first time on a single 12” featuring soul legend Leon Ware and Jo Ann Harris, a little known backing singer for Bob Dylan throughout the 80s.

Both songs originally appeared on the "20 Minute Workout" Video and LP released in 1983 by Canadian label Ronco, "What Does It Take" providing an uptempo crescendo to the third part of the workout and "Never Gonna Give You Up" the final warm down track. Licensed from producer Ira Newborn, Hollywood soundtrack royalty who composed the scores for an incredible run of films including The Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Naked Gun trilogy, Weird Science, Ace Ventura and Uncle Buck. Ira’s lawyer persuaded him to get involved in the project for Ronco and it was Ira who hand picked Leon Ware and Jo Ann Harris to add vocals to two tracks to aid the commercial potential of the album.

There are two original versions backed with extended instrumentals sourced from a rare lazer disc version of the album. It feels right to shine a light on one of Leon Ware’s lesser known performances, whilst the Jo Ann Harris cut has a distinct Balearic air featuring sultry keys and sax at a tempo of 98 BPM.


Matt says: Isle Of Jura keep turning out the top trumps. Lost disco culled from 80s VHS workout videos! For me, it's all about that "Never Gonne Give You Up" track (so good it's got a separate dub release); but the deep driving funk-soul of "What Does It Take" has a Lofty air about it which I feel should tickle the fancy of any David Mancuso heads.


What Does It Take (Featuring Leon Ware)
What Does It Take (Instrumental)
Never Gonna Give U Up
Never Gonna Give U Up (Instrumental)

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