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Bad Manners 11

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Bad Manners

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Excellent voodoo house mastery by Chicago's legendary producer. There's a few in the modern game which carry the old spell book handed down by Ron Hardy, Adonis and Lil Louis - and K'Alexi is one of them! Undeniably Chi-town throughout, the way he's combined the now vintage tropes of the original Muzic Box vibe with modern techniques is really quite breathtaking - and perfectly on show here!

"Far Beyond" sees classic woodblocks and floor toms punctuate a warbled, niggly synthscape and infinitely buzzing melodies for a skeletal, jacking, black magic house track.

On "Seasons Of The Real" we hear warped vocal utterances casually mention Risque III - informing the listener of house music heritage whilst simultaneously twisting their melon inside out.

Flipping to the other end of the spectrum, "The Us We Remember" sees the producer explore classic deep house / organic vibes with lush organs, a natural drum palette and warm bass tones providing a smooth, serene moment of post-peak bliss.

Finally, "We Bang", as the name suggest, bangs hard. A near-techno onslaught which again, is unquestionably of Chicagoan origin.

A truly great EP which explores all four corners of Chicago house with finesse, style and freshness. Big tip! 


Matt says: High end Chi-town voodoo here from the master, K'Alexi. Finesse and precision across four different club flavours executed with a level of technical prowess miles ahead of the pack.


1. Far Beyond
2. Season Of The Real
3. The Us We Remember
4. We Bang

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