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Big Dada

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Drift is non-conforming and genre blending. Whilst hard to neatly fit in a box, the record feels like an avant garde blend of Electronic, Hip-Hop, Punk and Grunge music featuring soundscapes recorded from GAIKA's travels abroad. Shapeshifting and cinematic in style, GAIKA draws inspiration from musical greats; Prince, Wu Tang Clan, Massive Attack, and John Coltrane, with his approach akin to the Pink Siifus, A$AP Rockys, and Dean Blunts of this world.

GAIKA’s sound spans from grime, dancehall, R&B, electronic, and beyond, often weaving in political commentary through his lyricism. New album Drift is an ensemble record with GAIKA as the central writer working with collaborators BbyMutha, KIDÄ, Azekel, Charlie Stacey, Chamber 45, Brbko, The Narrator (Amber Joy), SAMANTHA, and more. 


1. Drift On
2. Piñata
3. Gunz
4. First Among Misfits (Ft The Narrator)
5. La Vacanza (Ft Kidä)
6. Sublime
7. Exit To Cisco
8. Lady (Ft Bbymutha)
9. O Vampiro
10. Bonehead Behavior
11. Vicious Chambers
12. Ultra Scuro
13. And There Goes The Challenger
14. Less Burners Bigger Hearts (Ft The Narrator, Azekel)

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