Lord Of The D

Durocobrivis EP

Image of Lord Of The D - Durocobrivis EP
Record Label
WeMe Records

About this item

Incredible return of Jodey Kendrick who might possibly be the most vicious and cranium-splitting drum and bass mangler on the scene. Menacing destruction of familiar breaks interspliced with growling subs and atmospheres that sound like your skin is being ripped off. It's not as horrid as it sounds though - Kendrick's highly advanced drum programming and synthesis skills are the real treat on display here - I can't think of anyone who mashes it up with as much aural dexterity!

No amount of superlatives can do the EP justice - just strap in and prepare for some of the most provocative and darn right sinister jungle biznis you're ever likely to hear - protective head gear advised!


Matt says: Outlandish breaks mangler and sinister synthesis wizard Lord Of The D drops two toe-curlers on WeMe. Feels like someone's put you in the washing machine on a high speed spin.


1. Dunstable
2. _o Ixed __mpo

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