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'Exegesis I' is the debut EP from Uncoiled, a new record label focusing on productions made with the Colundi Sequence, a non-standard tuning system created by Grant Wilson-Claridge and popularized in recent years by Aleksi Perala. In a departure from the familiar tonality exemplified by Perala's work, Lonefront delivers the label's inaugural offering through an extension of the Colundi Sequence with his interpretations based on community research. Tracks '6' and '21' balance the holistic deployment of calculated parameters with techno idioms focused on connecting to dancefloors. Tracks '19' and '29', a collaboration between Lonefront and UK-based artist FLAWS, express a fluidity of affect as it weaves between heads-down cogitation and twilight sentimentality.

If the above makes little to no sense - rest assured these are seductive techno rhythms and highly interesting sound design pieces that both the DJ, dancefloor and home listener are going to thoroughly enjoy. 


1. 6
2. 19
3. 21
4. 29 (feat Flaws)

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