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DJ Surgeles has a longstanding collaboration with Detroit legend Jeff Mills. Connected through music, DJ Surgeles learned the inside tricks off Jeff. You know, that space age voodoo shit that sounds like your talking to aliens. DJ Surgeles has also collaborated exclusively with Jeff Mills on the concepts "Something in The Sky" and "STRMRKD" and produced a special Axis Records 10 years The Bells DJ mix back in 2007.

You can hear it right through "Triglav" - almost a continuation of Mills' "Something In The Sky” series. Monophonic discord, squealing sine tones, machine-code percussion; taut, tense and rubbery; certainly not of human origin.

It's a pleasure to see this baton of production prowess passed from Jeff Mills to a newer generation producer - and from what we know about Jeff Mills - he must regard DJ Surgeles in high esteem to trust him with this technology! An absolutely mega record, essential for fans of Jeff Mills and Axis’ later output and especially the "Something In The Sky Series". Highly recommended!


1 Beginning Of A Journey
02 Donkere Ruimte
03 Triglav
04 Time Tombs
05 Star Gods
06 Baten Kaitos
07 The Intruder
08 M13
09 Hadar Or Agena
10 Way Of The Spectrum

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