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Delicate Records

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The horses are out of the barn…and it’s time to trot. Introducing Mortar & Pestle: a union between two of Canada’s dance bandits at large. D. Tiffany & Maara come together to bring you pure delicious magic. These tracks are fresh out the skillet and piping hot on your plates. Dip us in maple syrup and throw us to the lezzies!

What do you get when you stir the pot…or grind the pestle? Wet, bubbling, sticky, throbbing bangers that make you lose your mind. Two’s company, but three’s a party. Sweetheart Hannah Karpinski hops in with her provocative Polish vocals, ready to ignite the freak fire and desire in this world and beyond. Unhinged, raw, and chaotic, burning the whole barn down. Enjoy this 4-track offering of hypnotic indulgence. Mortar & Pestle: Pound or be Pounded? Whatever you fancy, you’re in for a treat.


Matt says: More high energy, fast dance music from the Canadian legend that is D. Tiffany; joined in this instance by Maara. Ramping up the BPMs whilst keeping their production super fresh and tight - this is the brilliant example of where the dancefloor is heading in 2023.


A1. Pound Or Be Pounded
A2. Wet On Sight
B1. Girls Night Out In Berlin
B2. Delson Psychosis

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