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Hard Times

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Amazing new collaboration between Detroit mainstay Omar S and Italians Do It Better supergroup, Desire. It sees the veteran house stalwart confidently striding into new territories, something he's been doing a lot of of late; both with his own productions and the releases across his label, FXHE.

Actually, "Hard Times" isn't all that different from much of his back catalogue - I just think the presence of Desire adds a certain red-lit panache - a hint of electro-disco which was perhaps missing from the dusty, drum-box led house and techno which you'd immediately associate with the producer. It's full of his wigged-out, phazed synth shards and wooden, tumbling bassline; not to mention his fizzy hats and jerky rhythms which have highlighted his vast catalogue of hits over nearly two decades. Desire's vocal part is suitably both enchanted and melancholic, possibly expressing her disgruntlement at the current state of world affairs in a disenfranchised manner.

IDIB head Johnny Jewel provides a smoothed down and stretched out remix which hints are serenity with unfurling strings and a beatless approach - decorated beautifully with Jewel's glittering synthwork.

A brilliantly conceived single which sees two quite geologically and stylistically disparate artists come together in a moment of inspired creativity. Recommended! 


A1. Hard Times (Omar S Mix)
B1. Hard Times (Instrumental)
B2. Hard Times (Johnny Jewel Vocal Mix) 

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