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Globally respected DJ, producer, trUst label boss and the queer Body Movements festival founder Saoirse has delivered a shapeshifting compilation defying the concept of time as deep house morphs into moody techno, trippy grooves effortlessly transition into pumping bass and unearthed gems are seamlessly stitched with brand new, exclusive tracks from long-time collaborator Shanti Celeste and Galdors imprint founder Junes to deliver a cohesive and cosmic piece. Soirse’s exclusive tech-house banger ‘RM 1’ single is dedicated to the countless hours the Dublin-born raver has spent in that iconic fabric room behind and infront of the decks. The digital comp is out ahead of physical, the latter timed to hit shops the day before her takeover of fabric for a mix launch party.


CD Tracklisting:
1. Duckett - Flex
2. Geeneus - Yellowtail
3. Luca Lozano - Identify
4. DJ NORMAL 4 - Transcendental Training Tactics
5. Nitz - Mi-au
6. Caim - Illusion
7. Jacek Sienkiewicz - The Evidence
8. 616 - 369
9. Junes - Pilot
10. Reba - Azimuth Circle
11. Kompo - Function
12. Javier Carballo - Beat Investigator
13. Kosh - Square One
14. Sin Limites - Sin Limites
15. Hamatsuki - Shrink
16. Mammo - Summit
17. Caunos - Herzsprung 1
18. Shanti - Fluffy
19. Saoirse - RM1

Vinyl Tracklisting:
A1 Saoirse - RM 1 [fabric Records]
A2 Hamatsuki - Shrink [Fantastic Planet]
B1 Junes - Pilot [fabric Records]
B2 Mammo - Summit [Nduja]
C1 616 – 369 [616 Lab]
C2 Shanti Celeste - Fluffy [fabric Records]
D1 Sin Limites - Sin Limites [Delicate Records]
D2 Robert Livesu & Joe Montana - Chemical Voodoo [Made In Hongkong] 

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