Dismantled Into Juice

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Modular synth wizard Blawan gifts XL with more of his fizzy, phlegmy, syncopated techno productions. Possibly his most insectoid, gnarly, circuit-fried record to date; layers of glitched and scorched atmospheres tumble over ripped apart breaks and incomprehensible vocal murmurings. It's comparable to the sensation you get after smoking salvia and feel like your skin is being torn off... anyone else?

Limited copies! 


Matt says: Blawan has fast become the punkish rebel rouser of modular synthesis. Dressing his modules in spiked leathers and pink mohawks, his tracks address the dancefloor with an uncompromising and hawkish attitude. Possibly the wildest collection of cataclysmic electronic wrecks tracks he's released to date.


1. Toast
2. Panic
3. You Can Build Me Feat. Monstera Black 
4. Body Ramen
5. Dismantled Into Juice Feat. Monstera Black - 

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