Henry Hektik

Motion P Music

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Record Label
Natural Sciences / Harsh Reality Music

About this item

Natural Sciences Recs and Harsh Reality Music team up for the first reissue of Henry Hektik's Motion P. Music, booted up as a 12" sampler for DJ's not yet consumed by the candyfloss.

A figure who collaborated with M. Finnkreig and active in the 80's German underground and tape trading circuit, he disappeared off the grid, leaving few documents of his music behind, with the handful of remaining tapes swallowed by mould or fried in electrical accidents. What is left is true unhinged tracks from the edge, with six cuts of jacking proto-house (Haiwasa, T.B.A), night-stalker surveillance wave jams (Hong Kong Wedding Night), Black ops narco paranoia (Private Apocalypse) and static knuckle-dragging workouts (Here Comes Escape). A snapshot into a man on the edge!!

Limited to 300 copies worldwide with insert and fanzine.


A1. Haiwasa
A2. Private Apocalypse
A3. T.B.A
B1. Hong Kong Wedding Night
B2. Nightwatch
B3. Here Comes Escape

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