Manuel Tur

Soft Clip EP

Image of Manuel Tur - Soft Clip EP
Record Label
Spaced Repetitions

About this item

Manuel Tur returns to his own new label Spaced Repetitions with a second round of atmospherically dense, psychoactive DJ tools.

Tribal tinged, drawn out arrangements, pulled as tense as trip wire, building to cataclysmic climaxes - these are advanced late night tools of audio discovery for the intrepid DJ; perfect for soundtracking late balmy nights dancing under the stars at any of the world's outdoor party locations. Rainforest sounds, rooted congas, deep bass; this is the hot sound of summer pop pickers - highly recommended! 


Matt says: Perfect for any long form DJs looking to inject some drama into their sets. These two strung-out, trippy tools from Manuel Tur should get dancefloors frothing at the mouth.


A: Soft Clip
B1: Hip Control
B2: Suave Gear Changer

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