Consciousness As A State Of Matter

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Phantasy Sound

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Terr’s debut LP 'Consciousness As A State Of Matter’ arrives on green and orange split double-vinyl, limited to a pressing of just 400 copies, housed in a sleeve of hallucinatory artwork from designer Sebastian Ofuszak.

Across eleven tracks, Terr continues a long, fulfilling journey in electronic music with a visceral, vulnerable, full-length statement inspired by tireless and timeless innovators in the history of electronic music such as Giorgio Moroder, Wendy Carlos and Phil Oakey. Achieving a delicate, wide-eyed chemistry between the catharsis of the dancefloor and the ever-renewing promise of pop, 'Consciousness As A State Of Matter’ includes and expands upon the vision of singles ‘Only For Tonight’, ‘Tale of Devotion’ and ‘Layers’. Tracks have been hammered upfront by the likes of Sean Johnson and Erol Alkin; it’s got a top drawer pedigree which should see Terr ascend a steep trajectory as 2023 unfolds… Recommended! 


A1. Tale Of Devotion (Sunny Version)
A2. Only For Tonight
B1. Warp Drive
B2. Energy Sync
B3. Time Crystal
C1. Wings Of Time
C2. Layers
C3. I Am Here You Are There
D1. Imagination
D2. Final Dance (with Coloray)
D3. States Of Mind 

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