Mr. Fingers

Around The Sun Pt.2

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Mr. Fingers' highly anticipated second part of the "Around the Sun" series! The esteemed Chicago produer continues on the path from last years "Around the Sun part 1". Encompassing all his influences from jazz, r&b to house, techno and ambient; these lush tracks eminate with a warmth and feel that no one else expresses quite like him. Like before, featuring his own moody vocals; there's a couple of tracks featuring other musicians but generally it's fully composed and created by Larry Heard himself. Sequenced to perfection, the LP slowly submerges you into its sonic environment, and once there it gently but deliberately takes the mind and body on a deep and pleasurable journey. No need to further elaborate... Larry Heard at his finest.


Were Drowning
Love To You
Country Rhodes
Touch Of Love
Rustling Leaves
The Icy Air Of Night
Supa Kool

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