Shadows & Mirrors EP

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Scrap & Delete

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Dorbachov is Damien O’Reilly, a London based techno DJ and producer from Northern Ireland. Damien’s musical journey began from listening to hardcore and techno cassette tapes in the Northern Irish countryside throughout the 90s, to becoming a regular across Ulster’s quickly emerging rave scene. After birthing the Dorbachov alias, several bookings followed and, with his ‘90s influence clearly evident in his sets, it wasn’t long before he was offered a residency at the Dublin hotspot So Loco. After a move to London, Dorbachov changed his focus and direction to the studio. Heavily immersing himself into production, he realised his true potential in formulating clever and energetic live sets. His vocational background was electrical engineering and this is clearly evident in his industrial and calculated sound that would not be a stranger in the clubs of Berlin. Now encompassing live modular elements, the “Shadows & Mirrors EP”, released on his own label Scrap & Delete; showcases the producer at peak performance, laying down three slamming techno kickers alongside four tasty locked grooves for the more adventurous jock.

All three tracks hark back to the vintage mid-late 90s / early 00s tribal techno sound - but done with incredible accuracy and sonic prowess. Highly rhythmical, main room workouts with pumping subs and clattering mid range; arranged to garner the maximum possible energy output from the dancefloor. If Dorbachov isn’t booked for the main stage at Awakenings festival off the back of some of this material I’ll eat my slipmats! Seriously strong. 


Matt says: New techno firepower from London confirming that we are indeed at the beginning of a late 90s / 00s tribal techno revival. That's fine by me - techno's finest era in my humble opinion. Dorbachov knows what's up as he churns out three main room beasts plus a trio of locked grooves. TIP!


A1. Object Consciousness 06:09
A2. Chasing Cat 05:32
B1. Shadows & Mirrors 08:33
B2. Appendix 1.1
B3. Appendix 1.2
B4. Appendix 1.3

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