Aegean Sea / Forgot To Remember

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Surfing In Kansas

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Abel's hallowed "Aegean Sea" edit gets a much needed reprint - this time for premium edit resource, Surfing In Kansas. As buzzy as it ever was, this is an essential addition for this summer's record bag.

A quite different flavour on the flipside with a cunningly chopped up section from a lost late night classic. Man has the golden touch. If you've a Argonaughty-shaped whole in your life since the last "Down To The Sea And Back" compilation, then this cheeky double header of yachty disco soul should have you swinging in your hammock in no time at all!

Limited copies - highly recommended! 


Matt says: Highly coveted edits from Abel which take us right Down To The Sea And Back (gerrit?). "Aegean Sea" even has a bit of The Hollies feel about it.


Aegean Sea (Abel Edit)
Forget To Remember (Abel Edit)

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