Italcimenti (Robotnick & Lombardi)

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Ludus Pinsky (Lapo Lombardi) and Alexander Robotnick (Maurizio Dami) are Italcimenti, a brilliantly devised concept project which sought to recontextualize the addictive and electrified sound of Italo disco for millenials and more modern members of the dance music church. Thanks to their boldness, authenticity and daring. a new generation of dancers caught the electro-disco bug which is still highly endemic across the current landscape.

Previously released in a CD in 2005 and even then, highly sought after; this is the first ever pressing on vinyl! It includes an exclusive extended and DJ friendly version of "Beyond The Mind". not included on the vinyl single, and the electric, jumping, vocodered ballad "Somewhat You Need". All tunes have been rewarmed and remastered to get the best sound for vinyl.

A must have release for all Italo / electro-disco lovers, collectors, dancers and DJs!


Matt says: A rare and highly sought-after CD-only project from Alexander Robotnick and Lapo Lombardi gets a well needed vinyl release. Shuddering, high voltage electro-disco that seems as on trend now as it was in 2005 when this was originally conceived.


A1. Beyond The Mind (Italo Club Mix) 6'47"
A2. Electric Dancer 5'52"
B1. Structural Collapse 4'55"
B2. Disco Tamarro 5'24"
B3. Somewhat You Need 3'52"
C1. Trigger Happy 4'33"
C2. Bela Lugosi Is Dead (Cover) 5'37"
C3. Jimbo 3'32"
D1. Lunar Weekend 5'06"
D2. Bencio 4'51"
D3. Like A Dreamer 4'02"

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